trailer loading fail

This showed up in the morning delivery at the brewery Thursday morning.

Now, I own a pickup truck. There have been a couple times over the years that I’ve said to myself when loading it up with furniture or other stuff, “Oh, don’t worry, it’ll be fine,” only to have something shift or slide and it gets bent or dented. My mistake, I learn and am more careful next time.

But these are giant palates of bottles. The fine folks who loaded the trailer didn’t use airbags to cushion the space between the palates and walls of the trailer. If the driver needed to swerve out of the way, or say, make a left-hand turn, then this would happen.

(Actually, they did use three, one at the front of the trailer for the first row of palates and two against the trailer door at the back. Why they didn’t use more is unknown. Nothing like making a $1,300 mistake to save $100 on airbags.)

We lost four palates of bottles and three hours of my life shoveling them out of the trailer. The inner workings of a brewery…


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