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One Year Back in Greenville

One year ago today, our moving van rolled back into Greenville. Was it a triumphant return, or wounded retreat? I believe it’s the former. Nicole and I spent two and a half awesome years in Tampa. I look back at … Continue reading

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You’ll Always Remember Your First (Marathon)

Setting the stage. My training for the 2012 Kiawah Island Marathon began in August of 2006. While most people need 16 to 20 weeks to train for a marathon, I needed six years and four months. Back in 2006, I … Continue reading

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A Beer Drinker’s Diet

I like beer. A lot. I brew it. I (sometimes) write about it. I drink it. One of the questions I’ve gotten more than once is, “How do you stay so thin and drink so much beer?” Before this post … Continue reading

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Designing the Next You

As I’m sure you could deduce by my lack of writing over the past few months, but I’ve developed a serious case of writer’s block. I’ve had this blog for over four years, and I’m finding it difficult to come … Continue reading

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