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South Carolina Pint Law Awaits Governor’s Signature

Last week, South Carolina craft beer scored a major victory. The “Pint Law” was approved by the state’s House of Representatives and now awaits Governor Haley’s signature. She has assured the South Carolina Brewer’s Association that she will sign the … Continue reading

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Community Tap Beer Fest Signals Greenville’s Arrival

Asheville has Brewgrass. Charleston has Brewvival. Greenville now has the Community Tap Beer Fest. With an established brewery (Thomas Creek) and two more on the way (Quest & Brewery 85), a brewpub (Blueridge), America’s Most Arrogant beer bar (Barley’s Tap … Continue reading

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Homebrewer Turned Vintner

Back on January 7, I wrote about the first batch of wine I made to celebrate my brewing anniversary. To summarize the experience, it was very simple. After brewing for six years, making wine is astoundingly easy. Now, before the … Continue reading

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Greenville, I Bestow Upon You a Brewing Quest

Thomas Creek and Blueridge Brewing have been the only kids in Greenville’s beer family for the past 15 years. Those teenagers are about to get a baby brother. Don Richardson and Andrew Watts are set to give birth to Quest Brewing … Continue reading

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South Carolina’s Brewery Pint Bill H.3554

Did you know there is a bill before the South Carolina legislature that, if passed, will allow breweries to sell up to four pints of beer directly to a customer? In fact, there is! 2013-2014 H.3554 was introduced to the South … Continue reading

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2013 Upstate Brewtopians Oyster Roast – March 2

The 2013 Upstate Brewtopians Oyster Roast is only two weeks away! On March 2, our Upstate homebrew club will hold its annual charity auction and oyster roast starting at 2 pm. This event is always the highlight of the year … Continue reading

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Riverbend Malt House Seeks to Create a Truly Southern Beer Style

“Support Your Local Brewery” is the refrain of the Brewers Association. While we can all do our best to support local businesses, unless you live in Washington, Oregon or Idaho, there really is no such thing as a locally sourced … Continue reading

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Dark Corner Lewis Redmond Bourbon: Batch 1 vs Batch 3

It’s not often in life that a small, craft distillery pops up in your town, and you have the opportunity to sample batches of hand-crafted bourbon as it ages. I’ve had such an opportunity with Dark Corner Distillery’s Lewis Redmond … Continue reading

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2012 Sam Adams Utopias vs. 2009 BrewDog Tactical Nuclear Penguin

In 2009, BrewDog (Scotland) threw down the gauntlet to brew the highest ABV beer on the planet.  They launched the Tactical Nuclear Penguin (32% ABV) to beat out the reigning champion at the time, Sam Adams Utopias (27% ABV). I won’t get … Continue reading

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Budweiser Black Crown: Everyman’s Golden Amber Lager

I don’t often rant on my blog. I prefer to focus on the positive aspects of beer and brewing. There’s enough negativity on the interwebs for all of us 10 times over. However, an announcement from Anheuser-Busch In-Bev got my goat. … Continue reading

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